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Student Comments

“I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Italianlessonsascot. As a mature student, I have found learning Italian both interesting and worthwhile. I started out knowing only a few words of the language and now I am able to have a conversation! Italianlessonsascot is sensibly structured and is great for beginners or for those who have a working knowledge of Italian and would like to improve. The whole experience has been most enjoyable, and I warmly recommend it. "

 — Val Grieve

“Studying Italian with Rita has been a really great experience.Not only is she is a really good teacher but she makes it all such an enjoyable time. She is well organised and well planned and good at involving students at all levels. I'd encourage anyone to give it a try!.”

— Steph Dean

“As a mature student and someone who had never spoken a foreign language I thought I would give Italian a try but did not believe a year later I would still be attending and looking forward to my weekly lesson. This is testament to the quality and professionalism of the teacher who is always prepared and does not forget - the hour goes by in a flash!!.”

— Jacqueline Power


“Rita is a fantastically professional, patient and imaginative teacher and has made the usually arduous process of improving language level a real pleasure. I can't recommend her enough.”

— Matt Tyler

“I would just like to say how enjoyable I find my Italian classes with Rita. I find the hour flies by so quickly as Rita introduces technique's which make learning light hearted and fun.I would recommend this way of learning to anyone wishing to get to grips with Italian.”

— Rita Benn

“ I know that Rita has plenty of patience and understanding, and this gives me enjoyment and confidence to keep trying with speaking and learning Italian”

— Pat Evans

“The most enjoyable language course I have taken. Everything I need and progress as well.”

— Madeleine Lewis

“Rita Cossu has been my Italian teacher for a number of years now. I started with her at Egham College, and for the past couple of years have been having private lessons.She is very patient and gently corrects any mistakes.My Italian has come on in leaps and bounds, and I now have a lot more confidence to embark on a conversation with the locals whenever I am in Italy.”

— Susan Flynn


"Rita is one of the most committed teachers I have met.I joined one of her classes some six years ago, and am still having lessons with her today, but now one-on-one.The course materials that she developed were very comprehensive, and I subsequently found she researched and prepared them in her own time.She also set and marked homework for us, again as an unpaid exercise for the benefit of her students.She takes a delight in helping her students progress."

— Jim whitfield

"I have been studying Italian with Rita for several years and have learnt a lot from her classes. She is focused on getting the most out of her students, she is well organised and always makes learning enjoyable."

— Rob Dean

"Rita has endless patience and the ability to give the learner confidence to use the Italian language regardless of the level of skill. My lessons with her are always fun and good humoured. I tried for some years to learn the language in a classroom situation but always managed to hide in the crowd. Since I began my one-to-one lessons with Rita, I have lost that feeling of blind panic when called upon to speak and I am happy to converse knowing that even if I do make mistakes, Rita will help me to learn from them"

— Maureen Lockwood

"Rita has been my teacher for about 5 years now. Her lessons have always been interesting and lively and she has adapted them very well to the requirements of the group, of which I was a member, and more recently to a semi private lesson. She has an excellent understanding of grammar but, while believing in its value as a basis for language learning, she has never made it the main focus of lessons, being of the opinion that communication is the most important aspect of learning a new language. She has a good sense of humour and a lively interest in all aspects of life. The lessons whizz by !"

— Margaret Tyler

"I have been taking lessons with Rita for the last four years, beginning with basic grammar and useful everyday phrases, and continuing up to the present day when I can now successfully communicate my intentions and enjoy conversations with my friends in Milan. Lessons are planned according to individual needs and are interesting and often fun. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rita to anyone wanting to speak and communicate in the Italian language.

— Rosemary Miles

"I have been learning Italian with Rita for a number of years and I can recommend her most highly. She is a lively and conscientious teacher who takes a real interest in our progress and encourages us to become more confident in our language skills. The lessons are always entertaining and full of information about Italian life and culture. The time just flies by!"

— Linda Priest

"I have been learning Italian with Rita for about 5 years now having had classroom lessons and now private lessons. Rita is very personable, easy to get on with and a very good teacher. Lessons are arranged around your individual requirements and made interesting and enjoyable. Rita is very encouraging and informative with the varied learning materials and creates a learning environment which is relaxing, educational and amusing. If you have never tried Italian or are thinking of renewing past language skills I would recommend Rita's teaching skills."

— Jane Trinder


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